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Hot Mess are handmade hot and cold compresses made with 100% organic fabric, rice, dried lavender and assorted pure essential oils.  

The title says it all.  A hot mess making Hot Mess.  I like to look at my fabrics as the mess! Beautiful with wild colors and patterns at top of the line quality.  All fabrics are made with 100% organic cotton in a tribal, beach, modern, floral or country theme.  You will feel the relief in your muscles, joints, sinuses and even your mind, in style!

 Love my Hot Mess! It's perfect for any ailment! Headaches, backaches, colds, sinuses and what not. I use it literally every night before I go to bed. Helps me unwind. My whole family fights over the sausage. Love love love!!! - Sarah Scarborough

Hot Mess is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, each containing pure essential oils, rice/flax seeds and organic dried lavender.  

The Sauasage neck compress

The Basic lower abdominal compress

The Yogi eye pillow

The eyePad sinus/eye mask

The ever-so-popular Momma’s Mess breast compress.


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