Hot Mess

A whole mess of praise for hot mess!

“Hot Mess products have saved me a million times over the past couple of years especially during times of injury. They actually increase blood flow to the injured tissue which also delivers more nutrients to the area while flushing out toxins. Helps to restore movement for anyone! I regularly recommend “Hot Mess” to my nutrition clients for relaxation and/or those experiencing joint stiffness, range of motion issues and lots more. Great for acute or chronic pain/injuries sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc...I love how you can use them hot or cold. Actually promotes and speeds up healing or also greater just plain old relaxing! Did you know these can stimulate your metabolic rate?! These are different and so much better then the old kind you buy at the drug stores.
— Sheryl Menah, Nutrition Consultant, Small Healthy Changes
Your sausage is the quickest way to warmth, relaxation and stress relief during this cold weather and the Boo Boo Busters are busting the boys boo boos daily!
— Brooke Erickson
My nose started dripping and fluid started coming out right away! The eyePads with peppermint oil are great for opening up sinuses for all of us who suffer here on the Outer Banks!
— Dawn Moraga,
Loved my eyePad! It took my sinus headache away in moments! I also have a lap pad that I use on my hip and it has helped tremendously! Future orders to follow! Thanks so much!
— April Young Verner
The yogi is fantastic!! Even my two year old loves it. Can’t wait to order more products!
— Leah Absher
Our son has had a gnarly cold and the Yogi has been his go to! Thanks Courtney!
— Mark Slagle,
I got my neck wrap and love. I have restless leg syndrome or as I always called it the “heebie jeebies”! I heated my pad last night and laid it across my knees and within minutes it was gone! Wow, love it!
— Dot Singletary Pannell
I love my Hotmess! It’s perfect for any ailment! Headaches, backaches, colds, sinuses and what not. I use it literally every night before I go to bed. Helps me unwind. My whole family fights over the sausage. Love love love!!!
— Sarah Scarborough
I have three Hot Mess products...the Sausage, the eyePad and the a custom made Hot Dog I use for my Dog. I love them all. The Sausage has taken care of the shoulder pain I had and I didn’t have to take the Aleive that I usually take. I felt stressed one day and used the sausage for about 20 minutes without warming it and I felt calmed right down. The eyePad just opens the sinuses and stuffiness from colds and sinus problems. My little chihuahua loves the warmth of his Hot Dog and he smells good after use too. I love HOT MESS!
— Neta Campbell
Not even joking! She sleeps with it every night!
— Bethany Doyle
I have used my eyePad numerous times especially when my sinuses are bothering me. For the most part, the smells relax me and take away the aches of those sinuses. I even let my grandson use it when he wasn’t feeling so good the other day. He used it for about a second but loved the way it smelled. I think I need one of those Sausages!
— Sue Culpepper